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Carlos Balderas

Carlos Balderas
Boxing USA

Carlos Balderas

Carlos Balderas
  • Birth date 8/24/1996
  • Hometown Santa Maria, California
  • Residence Santa Maria, California
  • Height/Weight 5'7"/ 132 lbs


Ever since he began boxing at age 7 – a way to keep him out of trouble after arguments with friends began to escalate into physical fights – Carlos Balderas dreamed of representing the United States in the Olympics. It’s a dream that Balderas will be able to live out in Rio, as he became the first member of the USA Boxing team to qualify for the 2016 Olympics, earning a spot in the men’s lightweight (60kg/132 lbs) division thanks to his ranking in the class during the 2015 World Series of Boxing season. A first-generation American, Balderas has always been inspired by his family’s tremendous work ethic. Balderas’ grandfather was so intent on moving his children out of Mexico and into the United States that he and Balderas’ uncles worked the strawberry fields until they could afford to move the rest of the family – including Balderas’ father – to California. That strong work ethic is a trait that Balderas has adapted in his own life in his pursuit of making the Olympics, as he is dedicated to his training and the sacrifices that come with it.
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Getting to know Carlos Balderas


Considers his speed and foot movement to be his strongest assets in the boxing ring


4-1 record during Season V of the World Series of Boxing in 2015


2014 U.S. Youth Open champion

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