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Justin Krewson

Luge USA

Justin Krewson

Justin Krewson
  • Birth date 7/24/1996
  • Birthplace Eastport, NY, NY
  • Hometown Eastport, NY
  • Residence Lake Placid, NY, NY
  • Height/Weight 6'2"/ 163 lbs


Krewson is a U.S. doubles luge athlete. He teamed with Andrew Sherk to finish 14th in a World Cup race on the 2018 Olympic course in 2017. He originally competed one a singles sled, but moved to doubles in 2012. He compares a driving a doubles sled to driving a bus, and a singles sled to a sports car.
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Getting to know Justin Krewson


Krewson is an Eagle Scout.


He is a member of the Lake Placid Volunteer Fire Department.


He enjoys golfing and mountain biking.

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