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USA Today Sports
Bobby Brown & Tom Brady
Bobby Brown, who is making his Olympic debut to in the new freestyle skiing slopestyle event, is the first skier to win two golds at one Winter X Games. Tom Brady has won three Super Bowls as quarterback of the New England Patriots.
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USA Today Sports (left), Getty Images (right)
Hannah Kearney & Judy Greer
Hannah Kearney is the defending women's moguls Olympic gold medalist. Judy Greer is a TV actress known for many roles, including that of Kitty Sanchez on "Arrested Development."
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USA Today Sports (left), Getty Images (right)
Nick Goepper & Ashton Kutcher
At the 2014 X Games, #Heartthrob Nick Goepper landed a triple cork 1440, considered one of the most difficult tricks in slopestyle skiing. He also hung out with Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes. Ashton Kutcher was once married to Demi Moore and his most recent role is playing Walden Schmidt on "Two and a Half Men."
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USA Today Sports (left), Getty Images (right)
Jessie Diggins & Kate Bosworth
Cross-country skier Jessie Diggins made history by becoming the first American to win a cross-country skiing World Championship in 2013. She will be making her Olympic debut in Sochi. Kate Bosworth made her acting debut in a small role in "7th Heaven" and has since gone on to star in such movies as "Superman Returns," "21" and "Blue Crush."
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NBC Images (left), Getty Images (right)
Nate Holland & Simon Pegg
Snowboarder Nate Holland is heading to his third Olympics. He's won seven X Games gold medals in snowboard cross. Simon Pegg has actually starred as himself in the short film, "The Olympic Ticket Scalper," but his most memorable roles include those from "Mission: Impossible," "Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz" and "Star Trek."
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