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2016 Rio Olympic Games medals revealed

Rio's Olympic gold medal

2016 Rio Olympic Games medals revealed

Rio's Olympic Organizing Committee revealed the medals for their Olympic Games set to begin this August.

The medals which will be presented to athletes during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in August were revealed to the public for the first time at an event in Rio de Janeiro today.

Gold, silver, and bronze medals (each weighing a little over one pound) feature identical images of the Rio 2016 logo with the Olympic rings surrounded by an iconic laurel wreath, commonly associated with the ancient Olympic Games on one side and the goddess of victory, Nike, on the other. According to, an eco-conscious mining process was used to extract the gold used to make the top Olympic prize. Recycled materials account for 30 percent of the composite used to create the silver and bronze medals, and half of the plastic in the ribbons which will hang around athletes' necks were made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Brazilian Mint was commissioned to create the Olympic and Paralympic medals. In all, 5,130 medals will be made, including 2,488 Olympic medals and 2,642 medals for the Paralympics.  

Rio's Olympic medal ceremony podium was also on display for the first time today.  The podium has a rustic unfinished design which incorporates Rio’s colorful Olympic graphic elements as well as some of Brazil’s lush plant life.

IOC President Thomas Bach was in Rio de Janeiro for the event. Earlier in the day, President Bach along with Brazil's Interim President Michel Temer and Rio Organizing Committee President Carlos Nuzman toured Rio's Olympic Park. The group visited several venues to allow the IOC president a chance to take in the final preparations for the Games which are set to begin on August 5.

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