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Best of Olympics: Derek Redmond at the 1992 Games

Best of Olympics: Derek Redmond's emotional father-son moment in '92

Derek Redmond’s father, Jim, helped his injured son finish his race at the 1992 Olympics

Derek Redmond was running in the 400m semifinal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics when he felt a pop in his right hamstring. The sprinter from Great Britain hopped a few steps before falling to the track in obvious pain. 

Determined to complete his lap, Derek waved off medical personnel and returned to his feet. 

His father, Jim, was watching from the stands. Desperate to help his son, he ran towards the track, evading security. Derek leaned on his father’s shoulder and finished the race with tears streaming down his face. 

The moment was memorialized in a Visa commercial in 2008 narrated by actor Morgan Freeman. Freeman ended the commercial by reading, “He and his father finished dead last, but he and his father finished.”

The original call of the race from NBC Olympics play-by-play announcer Tom Hammond is in the video at the top of this story. As Derek crossed the finish line, Hammond said, “That is the Olympic spirit.”

Derek now travels the world conducting speaking appearances at schools, corporate and charity events, according to his publicist.

Jim was one of the torchbearers during the torch relay for the 2012 London Games. 

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