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A day in the life with Ashley Wagner

2018 Winter Olympic Games - Season 2018
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A day in the life with Ashley Wagner

What does figure skater Ashley Wagner eat throughout a typical training day?

I wake up at 8:00 a.m. and prepare to train for about four to five hours each day. I'll make myself a smoothie in the morning to get going. For breakfast, I have two frozen waffles with peanut butter.

I head into the rink and skate for two hours.

Afterwards, I take a break for an hour to eat lunch. Usually that’s spinach and quinoa salad with salmon, zucchini and lemon.

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Then, I get back on the ice for another hour. One of my favorite snacks after that is apples and cucumbers with hummus.

I head to the gym for about two hours to close out the training for the day.

I love cooking, so nutrition is a fun part of my job. I try to eat very clean, and balance out protein and carbs to fuel myself with energy.

For dinner, I might have something like chicken and orzo with feta cheese and olives.

If it’s time to indulge, I’m having a burger and fries, or chicken tenders and apple pie with ice cream.

I try to get eight hours of sleep per night.

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