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A day in the life with Kaitlin Hawayek

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A day in the life with Kaitlin Hawayek

How does ice dancer Kaitlin Hawayek train in a typical day?

I usually wake up between 5:45 and 6:15 a.m. I am not a napper – so I don't sleep during the day – but I usually get about six to seven hours of sleep at night.

For breakfast, I like to have a glass of nonfat milk and a package of Qia instant oatmeal. I add sliced almonds and honey.

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I make sure I am prepared to get on the ice and use every moment of training efficiently by getting to the rink before anyone is there to do a long, dynamic warm-up so I am active and ready to train fully when I step on the ice. That 45-minute dynamic warm-up includes gyrotonic mobilization, stretching and balance exercises, followed by three hours on the ice and then an hour long break for lunch and rest. I usually include some kind of baked vegetable, made extra from my dinner the night before, a cup of coffee with milk and sweetened with a packet of Stevia, and a turkey and hummus wrap.

In addition, when I am on the ice, my partner Jean-Luc Baker and I choose very individual, specific items or bullet points to focus on, whether technical or artistic, when we train so we can leave the rink feeling accomplished and determined.

Then we get back on the ice for an hour and a half followed by up to two hours of off-ice training, rotating between strength training, ballet, gyrotonic and other styles of dance training. I am a big fan of interval training, where there will be a semi-short burst of cardio, followed by a round of core and body-weight based exercises, and then back to cardio, followed by another round of different exercises, cycled through anywhere from three to five times.

One of the main components of my off-ice training that not many athletes take advantage of includes gyrotonic training, which is amazing for flexibility, core stability and general mind-body awareness.

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The most grueling workout I've ever done occurs every summer when I have to do an workout my trainer developed which includes three rounds of outdoor sprinting with 30-second on, 15-second off sets of timed exercises in between. With it being hot and sunny out and following a long day of summer training, this workout is incredibly grueling!

Throughout the day, I have snacks like pre-portioned Sabra Hummus or pre-portioned avocado spread with baby carrots, or whipped Greek yogurt.

Once I am done with my training, I them proceed to coach approximately two hours of lessons spread out through the afternoon/evening and I finish with active stretching and normatec-ing.

For dinner, I have four ounces of either boneless chicken breast (grilled or sautéed), or flank steak, or salmon, a cup of baked or sautéed vegetables (I love broccoli, Brussels sprouts and broccoli/carrot slaw mix) and usually a complex carbohydrate.

If it’s a day to indulge, I am obsessed with nachos!!! They're my without doubt, go-to indulgent meal! And for dessert, either cheesecake or something decadent with chocolate!

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