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A day in the life with Timothy LeDuc

Figure Skating: U.S. Figure Skating Championships
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A day in the life with Timothy LeDuc

What does figure skater Timothy LeDuc eat throughout a typical training day?

I start off the day by waking up as late as I can without missing training. I'm a big fan of sleep and try to get at least nine hours every night. My favorite animal is a bear. I eat like one and I sleep like one.

And just like a bear, I like to eat nuts and fruits like berries and bananas. I make shakes for breakfast and in between sessions, consisting of pea-protein plant-based milk, an array of nuts, honey, flax meal, chia seeds, oatmeal, and cinnamon.

With everything involved in a typical training day, from warming up to on-ice sessions to lifting sessions to stretching and cool-down, it's between six and seven hours a day of training.

We warm-up and skate a 30-minute stroking and choreography session. We get off the ice and do lifts for 30 minutes before getting back on the ice for our first hour-long session. We have a 45 minute break and then another hour-long session before a 20-minute break. We then have another on-ice session to clean anything up (this can last 10 minutes or 50 minutes, depending on the day) and then we have off-ice work out.

Q&A with Timothy LeDuc

Timothy LeDuc is a U.S. pairs skater alongside partner Ashley Cain

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For lunch, I have another shake. And throughout the day I snack on citrus fruits. I eat at least eight clementines a day and one or two limes each day.

The more connected Ashley and I feel in our partnership, the more we accomplish each day, so we really focus on being a team at all times. We also accomplish our daily goals through humor. If you can laugh at silly mistakes or poke fun at each other and have a good time while pushing your body to the limit, it makes a difficult task a lot less daunting.

For dinner, I typically eat onions, garlic and quinoa as a base for every dinner, usually including different beans, grains, and vegetables. But… if it’s a day to indulge, fried chicken. Doesn't matter where from as long it is chicken and it is fried and it is dipped in honey mustard and it is in my belly.

How much sleep do I get? Before skating, in between sessions, after skating, when I get home, after dinner, all night. I love my sleep. My spirit animal is a bear for good reason: I hibernate a lot! I've also been known to growl a little if you wake me, haha!

A day in the life with Ashley Cain

What does figure skater Ashley Cain eat throughout a typical training day?

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