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Five fun questions to get to know Jamie Greubel Poser

Jamie Greubel Poser

Five fun questions to get to know Jamie Greubel Poser

Find out how she earned the nickname “Blonde Dragon”

What is your biggest fear when competing?

Going so fast that I open a wormhole to another dimension (just kidding).

Who is your Olympic role model?

The book “The Boys in the Boat,” written about the 1936 crew team, really inspired me. Each athlete persevered through some incredibly difficult life events and I really enjoyed reading about their resilience, determination and success.

Which athlete, in any sport, has been your greatest source of inspiration?

My husband, Christian Poser, who is an Olympic bobsled athlete for Germany, has been my greatest inspiration. I met Christian after a challenging year of coming back from my ACL surgery. It was still the beginning of my driving career and before I had competed for a full season on the World Cup circuit. Christian really believed in me from the beginning, before I even knew what I was capable of, and before I really had any success in the sport. His support in me developed confidence that pushed me to become one of the best bobsled drivers in the world. He keeps me grounded, supports me and really pushes me to be the best. From my very first World Cup medal to my Olympic medal, he is always there telling me I can do it and making me the best version of myself.

Do you have a nickname? 

Blonde Dragon, Dragon—A few years ago my former coach was talking to someone and they asked who the blonde driver was. My coach, however, heard the question, “Who is the blonde dragon?” And replied, “Oh, the blonde dragon is Jamie.” Since I am a pretty fierce competitor, the nickname was an instant fit. 

Diesel—Since I was in 7th grade, people have always noticed my biceps, since I have pretty muscular arms. One of my good friends from waitressing in college in Ithaca starting calling me Diesel, and still does to this day.

People also call me JGP because of my initials with my married name.

Are you superstitious?

For race day I always wear the same clothes. Partly because it’s hard to do laundry when we travel so I always know that my race day things are clean, but also because I like having consistency.

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