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Gymnastics 101: Venue

London 2012 gymnastics arena

Gymnastics 101: Venue

Learn more about where artistic gymnastics will be held in Rio. 

The gymnastics competition at the 2016 Rio Olympics will be held in the Rio Olympic Arena. The arena was built for the 2007 Pan American Games and is currently the training center for Brazil's artistic gymnastics team. For the first time in Olympic history, all three Olympic gymnastics disciplines--artistic, rhythmic and trampoline--will be competed in the same venue. The venue will have a seating capacity of approximately 13,200. 

Rio Arena gymnastics venue

An early view of the Rio Arena, from October 2013. Credit: USA Today Sports

Located in the Barra zone, the Rio Olympic Arena will be in the heart of the Games. Nearby venues include the Olympic Tennis Centre, Aquatics Stadium and Golf Course. The Olympic Village, where the athletes will be housed during the Games, is also in the Barra zone.

Gymnastics 101

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