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Matt and Becca Hamilton are U.S.' first Olympic mixed doubles curling team

Matt and Becca Hamilton
Rich Harmer/USA Curling

Matt and Becca Hamilton are U.S.' first Olympic mixed doubles curling team

The sibling team beat two of their teammates from their men's and women's teams to win the Olympic berth

A brother and sister from Wisconsin will be the busiest athletes at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

A month ago the Hamilton siblings, Matt and Becca, qualified to compete at the Olympics with the U.S. men's and women's curling teams, and today they also qualified to play as a mixed doubles team.

With a win over two of their teammates, John Shuster (skip of Matt's four-man team) and Cory Christensen (alternate on Becca's four-woman team), at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for mixed doubles curling, the Hamiltons earned the opportunity to curl on potentially every day of the Olympics.

The Hamiltons will start their Olympic competitions with the mixed doubles tournament on Thursday, Feb. 8, the day before the the Opening Ceremony marks the official beginning of the Olympics. When mixed doubles wraps up on Tuesday the 13th, they'll start playing separately in the men's and women's tournaments on Wednesday the 14th. The traditional curling tournaments go until Sunday, Feb. 25, the day of the Closing Ceremony.

Of course, if one of their teams doesn't advance past the round-robin rounds to the semifinals and medal games, they'll have some time off. But if they do go all the way to the gold medal matches, it'll mean 18 straight days of competition for the Hamiltons.

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Matt and Becca showed their readiness during the Olympic Trials. They had the second-best record of the round-robin stage, 5-2, then beat Shuster and Christensen twice in two days to win the Olympic berth. The score of the final was 6-5.

After the match, the siblings--who say their partnership works because they can be brutally honest on the ice--had nothing but kind words for each other.

Becca, the younger Hamilton by a year and a half, said her older brother "taught me everything I know."

Matt then said of Becca, "it's been impressive to watch her grow up and become the superstar she is now."

In mixed doubles curling, teams consist of one man and one woman, games last eight ends with six stones for each team. One stone per team is prepositioned on the ice, one player throws the first and last rocks and the other player throws the second, third and fourth rocks. In traditional curling, teams are made of four players of the same gender, games last 10 ends with eight stones, all of which are thrown.
The International Olympic Committee voted to add mixed doubles to the Olympic program in 2015, and it'll make it's Olympic debut in PyeongChang. 

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