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Poland volleyball reportedly facing fine after skirmish with Iran

Associated Press

Poland volleyball reportedly facing fine after skirmish with Iran

Following a Day 2 benches-clearing incident, the Polish men's volleyball team could be looking at a fine from the FIVB

The Iranian men's volleyball team is certainly making its presence known in its first Olympics ever.

After a hard-fought fifth set on Day 2 of the preliminary round Tuesday, Iran and Poland nearly came to blows at the net in a benches-clearing incident:

It's unclear exactly what started the issue, but if the official Twitter account for Iran volleyball is to be believed, Poland may be facing a fine from the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB):

Also according to the Iranian volleyball Twitter account, Iranian setter Saeid Marouf said he doesn't know what's wrong with the Polish players:

And in the postgame press conference Tuesday according to the clip posted by, Marouf said, "I don't know why they hate us."

Polish outside hitter Michal Kubiak responded to the incident and Marouf in that same press conference, saying (h/t

"We like them. It's just emotion that we give off during the game. They laugh inside the court in our face. I don't care. For me, it's just a part of the sport. We stare at them, they stare at us. They smile at us, we smile at them. It's just a sport. But in the end, for me, the most important thing is just the result.

"It's not about beating anybody or going to a fight with anybody. I just want to win and I will do everything in my power to win the games against any kind of team. Not against them, personally. I have nothing to do with them, personally. For me, it's just a normal game. I want to win. This is the Olympics. For me, this is the story of my life. I want to be here; I want to win here. So I will do everything to win. That's it."

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Both teams currently qualify for the quarterfinals round, so this may not be the last of this matchup in Rio.

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