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Q&A with Kami Craig

Kami Craig
USA TODAY Sports/ Andrew Weber

Q&A with Kami Craig

All that adventure-loving Kami Craig needs is her lucky Mama Kitty stuffed animal to help calm the nerves before any competition.

What are your favorite hobbies away from the pool?

Whenever we are planning a vacation it is usually focused around the beach, camping and hiking. My boyfriend Cassady will load the car with our gear and of course our dog Clyde, and we will try to find beautiful isolated coastline. We enjoy places like Big Sur and Shelter Cove. I grew up camping with my family and I love continuing the traditions on my own.

Please describe your personal style?

Leggings and a T-shirt. I wouldn't want to be in anything else than something that is comfortable.

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What would people be surprised to learn about training for the Olympics?

It’s a 24 hour job! Every choice you make will make a difference in preparation to getting to the top.

Do you have a lucky charm or an item that you can’t train or compete without?

I have a little stuffed animal my mom gave me when I was 12. It’s a little kitty that I named Mama Kitty. It has traveled with me in every swim bag to every practice and game I've gone too since my mom has given it to me. It’s always tucked away out of sight but I know its there.

Have you been to Rio before? What are you most looking forward to about the Games being hosted in Rio? Anything you want to see or do?

I have. I am most looking forward to experiencing the Olympic Games and playing water polo on the Olympic stage. Nothing I really want to see/ do there except for win a gold medal.

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