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Q&A with Simone Biles

Team USA gymnast Simone Biles
Justin Lubin/NBC

Q&A with Simone Biles

U.S. gymnast Simone Biles shares her hometown favorites, biggest inspiration and why she's a big fisherwoman. 

Where does your family come from?

Dad is from Cleveland, Ohio
Mom is from Belize

Do you have siblings?

Have 1 sister (Adria) and 2 brothers (Ron and Adam)

Do you have pets and if so, what are their names and breeds?

4 German Shepard (Maggie/Atlas/Lily and Bella)

Are you from a military family?

Father served in the Air Force for 22 years

In your hometown of Houston, TX, what are your favorite favorite spots to relax, eat out, etc.?

Perry's Steak and Seafood Restaurant
Lee's Nail Salon
Lucy's Hair Salon
Olive Garden

When you have time off, what would constitute a perfect day for you?

Go to the beach with my friends

What are your favorite hobbies?

Fishing - love to do while in Belize - fun
Dancing - always dancing because I cannot keep still
Fashion - love different types of fashion and love to dress up

What is your music of choice while training?

Today's Hot Hits

Who is your favorite musician?

Chris Brown / Justin Bieber

What is the last concert you attended?

Taylor Swift

Do you have a celebrity crush? 

Zac Efron

When you have time to relax, what are your favorite TV shows?

Pretty little Liars / Keeping up with the Kardashians

What is your favorite movie and why?

Anything with Zac Efron because I am obsessed.

If you could hear from any celebrities or other athletes during the Games who would it be?

Any of the Kardashians, or Dominique Moceanu

Do you have a lucky charm or an item that you can't train or compete without?

Travel with patron saint statue - St Sebastian

Do you like to travel?  What has been the most moving/special place you have traveled to and why?

YES - Belgium (first World's competition)
Love going to Belize - relaxing place

Do you collect anything?


Can you admit what your worst habit is?

Bossing my sister around

Within your sport, who has been your greatest influence and why?

Alicia Sacramone / because she was a great vaulter

Who, if anyone, was instrumental in bringing you along in your athletic career?

Having the same coach - Aimee Boorman

What are your greatest obstacles in getting to the Games?

Doubting yourself

Do you have a personal motto?

Be the Best Simone

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