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Skeleton 101: Glossary

Skeleton 101: Glossary

Learn the language of skeleton


The forerunner to the sport of skeleton. It is believed to be the world’s first sliding sport.

Davenport Sled

A sled built by former Canadian skeleton athlete Ryan Davenport, who runs a skeleton equipment manufacturing company. 


Short for gravitational force. In skeleton, the strongest G-forces are generated going around severe turns. 


An indentation in the ice at start that makes steering unnecessary until the athlete jumps onto the sled.


A single run down the track during a race. All Olympic skeleton races are four heats. Also known as a run.


International Bobsled & Skeleton Federation. The international federation for the sport. 


The fastest route down the track. A high line takes the sled close to the top lip of a turn, while a low line takes the sled closer to the bottom of a turn. 


The solid pieces of steel on which the sled rides.


A skeleton athlete.


A term for the sled used in skeleton.


USA Bobsled & Skeleton. The national governing body for the sport. 


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