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U.S. qualifies two Olympic spots in trampoline

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U.S. qualifies two Olympic spots in trampoline

At the Rio Test Event, Charlotte Drury, Logan Dooley and Jeffrey Gluckstein earned two Olympics trampoline spots for the U.S.

After the U.S. trampoline athletes finished outside of the eight-person final at the 2015 Worlds in October, they missed the chance to directly qualify any spots for their country at the Rio Olympics. Instead, they had to wait until April and the Rio Test Event for a final chance at earning two much-coveted Olympic berths.

Charlotte Drury represented the women's side and Logan Dooley and Jeffrey Gluckstein represented the men's side. A maximum of two spots, one male and one female, were up for grabs.

The women's competition began with two routines, a compulsory and voluntary, in the qualification round. Drury showed signs of nerves during her compulsory routine, traveling close to the edge of the trampoline bed--if she had touched the safety mat, the routine would have ended immediately. Drury stayed in control but earned the lowest score of the sixteen competitors. She needed a heroic effort in her voluntary routine to make up for lost ground. 

Charlotte Drury

And after giving herself a pep talk, Drury got through it cleanly, posting one of the highest difficulty scores of the round. She bounced into 11th place--just good enough to qualify the U.S. women an Olympic spot. 

Charlotte Drury after the competition

After the competition, Drury told USA Gymnastics that it was "absolutely" the most pressure she'd ever felt in a competition. 
Drury can't officially punch her own ticket to Rio just yet, though. The spot is designated for the U.S., not a specific athlete. She'll have to earn it based on competition results from prior meets and the upcoming national championships.

Charlotte Drury to fight for Olympic spot at Rio Test Event

U.S.' Drury told NBC Olympics how she's preparing for the final trampoline Olympic qualification event.

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After Drury's success in the women's round, Dooley and Gluckstein successfully stepped up in the men's competition to earn that second Olympic berth. After the first routine in qualification, Dooley was in seventh and Gluckstein was in 13th. But Gluckstein topped his teammate in the second routine, earning higher difficulty, execution and "time of flight" scores than Dooley. Gluckstein placed sixth and Dooley placed seventh in the qualifications, and then both moved up a spot in the final ranks: Gluckstein fifth and Dooley sixth. 
Two places in the final round were absolutely cause for joy, but the real celebrations were for Olympic qualification.

Gluckstein and Dooley's soaring results

Like Drury, neither Dooley nor Gluckstein will know if they're on the Olympic team until after the national championships in June. 
The U.S. gymnasts have now qualified for the Rio Olympics in all three disciplines. There will be five-person teams of both men and women in artistic gymnastics, an individual and five-person group in rhythmic gymnastics and two individuals in trampoline.

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