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Who is... Casey Patterson

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Who is... Casey Patterson

Casey Patterson, nicknamed "Mr.Boom," is hoping to make his first Olympic appearance in Rio. 

Beach volleyball beginnings
Casey Patterson began playing indoor volleyball as a freshman at Newbury Park High School. He was later recruited by Brigham Young University where he played from 1999 to 2005. After graduating, Patterson played on international indoor club teams in Puerto Rico and Sweden. 

Major competitions/medals
Gold at the 2015 FIVB St. Petersburg Grand Slam with Jake Gibb
Bronze at the 2014 FIVB Stare Jablonki Grand Slam with Jake Gibb
Gold at the 2013 Shanghai Grand Slam with Jake Gibb

Breakout moment
Casey Patterson made his professional beach volleyball debut in 2003. He won his first title in 2009 on the AVP Pro Beach Tour alongside Ty Loomis. He made his international debut in 2011 in Brazil where he placed ninth with Brad Keenan, husband to Olympian April Ross. Patterson began playing with Jake Gibb in 2013 and the pair won gold in their second event together. 

2013 FIVB Men's Beach Volleyball Player of the Year
2013 USA Men's Beach Team of the Year with Jake Gibb

Signature skill
Patterson is known for his signature haircut, slick dance moves, and loud personality on the court. He is known to shout "boom" after a great play. Fans have nicknamed him "The 6"6' Ninja" and "Mr.Boom".

Top quotes

My style is very loud, passionate, in your face. I'd almost describe it as a South American soccer style. I want to show how much I really love volleyball and just let it explode out of me when I'm playing the game

Off the sand
Casey Patterson married former fellow BYU volleyball Lexi Brown in 2005. They have two sons, Cash and Guy, and one daughter, Ray. 

Social media
Twitter: @caseypatt
Instagram: @caseypatt

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