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Who is Erin Hamlin?

Who is Erin Hamlin?

Get to know the 2014 Olympic luge bronze medalist

Luge Beginnings 

Born Nov. 19, 1986 in New Hartford, New York. Growing up, Hamlin was passionate about gymnastics. She discovered luge at age 12 through the USA Luge Slider Search because the program was sponsored by Verizon, where her father, Ronald, worked as an engineer. 

Hamlin was so scared during her first run down the track that she does not even remember it. She quickly overcame her fear, and by the time she was in high school, moved Lake Placid to train full-time. 

Major Competitions/Medals 

Hamlin claimed the bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics. It was a surprise, considering she had failed to make a podium in either of the two World Cup seasons leading up to the Sochi Games. She became the first U.S. athlete to win an Olympic singles luge medal in the 50 years since the sport made its Olympic debut.

Breakout Moment

2009 World Championships. Racing on her home track in Lake Placid, Hamlin won the gold medal. She became the first U.S. woman to win a luge world championship, and the first non-German since 1993. She also snapped a 99-race winning streak by German women in World Cup, world championship and Olympic competitions. 


Hamlin always has a loud cheering section. Her brothers, Ryan and Sean, are known for wearing body paint or onesies to races. 

She has a charm necklace in the shape of a luge sled that she wears when she races. It was a gift from a family friend after Worlds in 2009.

For years, Hamlin wore the same pair of socks to every race. When they finally wore out, Hamlin says, “It was actually a big moment for me to realize that no matter what I slide or race in, I can succeed. It went from a superstition to me gaining the confidence to be great in any situation.”

She also makes sure to put on her right glove first. She started doing that because it was easier, but now it is a part of her routine. 

Top Quotes 

Fellow U.S. luger Tucker West on Hamlin: “She is a great racer, especially in stressful situations. She seems to do well in all of the big races.”

Olympic Experience

2014: Bronze medal
2010: No medals
2006: No medals

Off the ice

Hamlin’s family lives in Remsen, N.Y. When she returns home, she often trains in a barn on the 75-acre property. She also gets to see her dog, cat and three horses: Taz, Kyria, and Gemini.

She enjoys outdoor activities, from biking to horseback riding to skiing when the luge season ends. She also plays in women’s soccer league. She has even done yoga on a stand-up paddle board.

She loves to bake. Her goal is eventually own a bakery with her cousin. 

Social Media

Facebook: OfficialErinHamlin 
Twitter: @erinhamlin 
Instagram: erinhamlin 


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