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Who is Max Parrot?

Max Parrot
U.S. Snowboarding

Who is Max Parrot?

Constantly pioneering new tricks that have never been done before, Parrot is a gold-medal contender in snowboard big air

Name: Max Parrot
Country: Canada
Age: 23
Sport: Snowboarding
Disciplines: Slopestyle, Big Air
Stance: Goofy
2016/17 WST slopestyle ranking: 5th
2016/17 WST big air ranking: 1st


  • 3-time X Games big air gold medalist (2014, 2016, 2017)
  • 2014 X Games slopestyle gold medalist
  • 3-time World Snowboard Tour big air season champion

Olympic experience
Fresh off a slopestyle victory at X Games, Parrot's stock was high at the 2014 Olympics. Expected to earn a medal and possibly contend for gold, Parrot had one of the day's biggest tricks — a backside triple cork 1620 — in his final run but still finished off the podium in fifth place.

Olympic outlook
Parrot has already clinched a provisional spot on the deep Canadian Olympic slopestyle and big air team. He's one of the top riders in big air, which makes its Olympic debut in 2018, and will be a gold-medal contender because of tricks like the quad underflip, which he was the first to ever land in a competition. His slopestyle results historically haven't been quite as strong, but he remains a podium threat in that discipline as well. Norwegian snowboarder Marcus Kleveland and Canadian teammate Mark McMorris will be two of his biggest challengers in both events.

Parrot is one of the riders at the forefront of "plus-one progression" — that is, adding an extra rotation or an extra flip to the biggest tricks being done — in big air. On multiple occasions, he has been the first rider to land a particular trick. During the X Games big air contest in 2017, he unleashed his two heaviest tricks to-date — a switch quad underflip and a cab triple cork 1800 — but is constantly trying to take things another step further.

Max Parrot at Fenway Big Air

Big air contests are where Max Parrot truly shines. Credit: U.S. Snowboarding

Snowboard beginnings
The son of a former Alpine skier, Parrot grew up near the Bromont ski area in Quebec and was on the slopes as a kid. Though he originally started off on skis, he decided at age 9 that he wanted to try snowboarding, so he moved lawns in his neighborhood that following summer in order to earn enough money to buy his first board. Years later, when the prospect of a competitive career in the sport began to arise, he borrowed $20,000 from his parents in order to pay for his international travel and contest entry fees. The investment paid off, as Parrot was then able to use his prize winnings to repay his parents.

History-making moments
It seems like there's a new, never-been-done trick from Parrot each season. He was the first to land a triple cork in a slopestyle contest (2013), the first to land back-to-back triple corks in a slopestyle run (2014), the first to land a cab triple cork 1800 in a competition (2016) and the first to land a quad underflip in a competition (2017). Outside of competition, he also became the first to land a double backside rodeo 1440 in 2016.

Max Parrot at 2017 Laax Open

Max Parrot proved that he's still capable of topping a slopestyle podium when he won the Laax Open in 2017. Credit: Miha Matavz/FIS Snowboard

2016/17 season recap
Throughout the winter, Parrot battled with Canadian teammate Mark McMorris for big air supremacy. Though McMorris emerged with a few wins of his own, Parrot topped the podium at a number of events, most notably at X Games when he unveiled the switch quad underflip, and rode away with the World Snowboard Tour season title. Parrot also had some strong showings in slopestyle, winning the Laax Open (ahead of McMorris) and finishing second at Dew Tour (behind McMorris).

Off the snow
Outside of snowboarding, Parrot's other favorite sports include golf, wakeboarding and mountain biking.

Social media
Instagram: @maxparrot
Twitter: @MaxParrot
Facebook: @MaxenceParrot
YouTube: Max Parrot


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