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Castelli and Shnapir: Marissa's many talents
Castelli, raised in Rhode Island, is quite the athlete, having competed in varisty lacrosse, cheerleading, gymnastics, track and softball. She would like to attend college in the future, but doesn’t know what for.
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USA Today Sports
Castelli and Shnapir: Birthday twins
The two share a birthday – August 20 – though Simon, at 26, is three years older than Team USA’s shortest member, Marissa.
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USA Today Sports
Castelli and Shnapir: Size difference
Shnapir, at six-foot-four, is one of the tallest men in skating. On the other hand, Marissa is Team USA's shortest competitor at five feet tall.
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USA Today Sports
Castelli and Shnapir: Buildup to the quad
Though Castelli fell while trying to land the throw quad Salchow at Nationals, the pair still plans to do it in Sochi. If completed, they will be the first pair to successfully complete it at an Olympics.
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Castelli and Shnapir: Stardom in her future
Castelli was destined to be a star, according to her local skating club’s president, Dianne LaMontagne. She told local news outlets, “I clearly remember it – she was a spunky, energetic young girl, and you could see there was a lot of drive there. We thought, ‘This young lady is going someplace.’” And now she is: the Olympics!
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