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Jason Brown: The performer
After reading “The Great Gatsby” for American Studies class at Highland Park High School in Illinois, teacher Jennifer Lucchese planned a lesson where students became famous people from the 1920s. “Jason became Charlie Chaplin, right down to the way he moved,” she told local news outlets. “His attention to detail was incredible. It set him apart from his peers in his willingness to take a risk and throw himself into it.”
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Jason Brown: Always a giver
Instead of a traditional reception at his Bar Mitzvah, partygoers rehabilitated a school as an all-day project. He’s also been known to support Chicago Cares, Relay for Life, and the Public Action to Deliver Shelter. U.S. Figure Skating honored Jason with an Exceptional Scholar Athlete Award.
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Jason Brown: The youngest in decades
At 19 years old, Brown is the first men's skater to qualify for the Olympics for the U.S. as a teenager. David Santee was the last to do it as an 18-year-old in 1976.
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Jason Brown: Hometown hero
Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering made Friday, Feb. 7, "Jason Brown Day." His former high school created a “Team USA Day,” where students are encouraged to wear red, white and blue and watch Brown’s viral “Riverdance” performance. Schools in the district are staging pep rallies, which will be videotaped and sent to Brown’s family. “Their support is why I’m here,” Jason said of the Highland Park community.
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USA Today Sports
Jason Brown: Going viral
His free skate to “Riverdance” at the U.S. Championships hit YouTube and currently has 3.3 million views. That number is still growing, but Jason can’t believe it. “I don't know how it happened. I'm so blown away and so shocked – beyond shocked. It's so surreal to me.”
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