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U.S. aerials Olympic uniform
The U.S. aerials uniform features special zippers that are laser cut, flexible and extremely low-profile. They feature a custom docking station for a truly watertight seal.
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U.S. aerials Olympic jacket
The U.S. aerials Olympic jacket features more zippers, a custom-designed reflective emblem and the Omni-Heat® Thermal Reflective. This helps regulate body temperature with little silver dots that reflect and retain the warmth your body generates. The breathable material also dissipates moisture and excess heat. This technology also means more warmth with less bulk; ideal for maintaining maximum athletic mobility.
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U.S. moguls Olympic uniform
The U.S. moguls Olympic uniform was designed specifically for mogul skiers who face the unenviable task of having to appear completely calm and smooth as they’re pummeled by the mountain’s most challenging terrain. To help mask body movement, Columbia developed a custom snow camouflage that actually mimics the look of moguls themselves, using gray tones to break up white space.
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U.S. moguls Olympic jacket
Just like the aerials jacket, the moguls Olympic jacket features the Omni-Heat® Thermal Reflective. There's also a nameplate that makes it easy for athletes to keep track of their jackets or write an inspirational message.
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Jacket details
Inside both jackets is a reflective emblem that channels a classic American motocross vibe. The strong interior graphic injects the uniform with a little bit of badass freestyle energy.
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