Canoe/Kayak at the 2020 Tokyo Games will comprise 16 medal events, four in the slalom (whitewater) discipline, and 12 in the sprint (flatwater) discipline:

  • Men’s K-1 Slalom
  • Men’s C-1 Slalom
  • Women’s K-1 Slalom
  • Women’s C-1 Slalom
  • Men’s K-1 200m Sprint
  • Men’s K-1 1000m Sprint
  • Men’s K-2 1000m Sprint
  • Men’s K-4 500m Sprint
  • Men’s C-1 1000m Sprint
  • Men’s C-2 1000m Sprint
  • Women’s K-1 200m Sprint
  • Women’s K-1 500m Sprint
  • Women’s K-2 500m Sprint
  • Women’s K-4 500m Sprint
  • Women’s C-1 200m Sprint
  • Women’s C-2 500m Sprint

In the above list, “C” stands for “Canoe” and “K” stands for “Kayak.” Canoes are propelled by athletes using a single-bladed paddle in a high-kneeling position. Kayak racers are seated and use a double-bladed paddle while steering with a foot-controlled rudder.

Sprint events are contested with multiple competitors racing on flat water over a straight, pre-determined distance. Slalom events involve individual athletes negotiating gates while paddling down a course in whitewater rapids.

European nations dominate canoe/kayak, with France (18) and Hungary (80) leading the slalom and sprint all-time medal standings, respectively.


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