Diving at the 2020 Tokyo Games will comprise eight medal events, four for men and four for women:


  • Men’s 3m Springboard
  • Men’s 10m Platform
  • Men’s Synchronized 3m Springboard
  • Men’s Synchronized 10m Platform
  • Women’s 3m Springboard
  • Women’s 10m Platform
  • Women’s Synchronized 3m Springboard
  • Women’s Synchronized 10m Platform


The  four individual events involve three rounds of competition (preliminary, semifinal and final), with six (men) or five (women) attempts for each diver per round. The synchronized events have only a final round, with six (men) or five (women) attempts for each duo.

The United States has won the most Olympic medals (138) in diving. China remains a distant second (69), but has come to dominate the sport, most recently capturing gold in seven of the eight events at the 2016 Rio Games.

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