Judo at the 2020 Tokyo Games will comprise 15 medal events:


  • Men’s 60kg
  • Men’s 66kg
  • Men’s 73kg
  • Men’s 81kg
  • Men’s 90kg
  • Men’s 100kg
  • Men’s 100+kg
  • Women’s 48kg
  • Women’s 52kg
  • Women’s 57kg
  • Women’s 63kg
  • Women’s 70kg
  • Women’s 78kg
  • Women’s 78+kg
  • Mixed Team


The mixed team event, which will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo, features teams of three male judoka (in the 73kg, 90kg and 90+kg weight classes) and three female judoka (57kg, 70kg, 70+kg) from the same country competing against other teams in a bracket-style elimination tournament.

Judo, which means “gentle way,” originated in Japan and has been a reliable source of Olympic success for the 2020 host nation. Japan’s collection of total medals (84) and gold medals (39) are by far the most, with France (49 total, 14 gold) a distant second.

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