Karate will make its Olympic debut at the 2020 Tokyo Games and feature eight medal events, four for men and four for women:


  • Men’s Kumite 67kg
  • Men’s Kumite 75kg
  • Men’s Kumite +75kg
  • Men’s Kata
  • Women’s Kumite 55kg
  • Women’s Kumite 61kg
  • Women’s Kumite +61kg
  • Women’s Kata


The two disciplines of karate to be contested in Tokyo are kumite and kate:


  • Kumite is the fighting discipline. In a kumite match, athletes compete head-to-head against one another. Each athlete aims to score more points than his/her opponent by using kicks, punches, strikes, throws, and sweeps. Each men’s match lasts three minutes while every women’s match lasts two.


  • Kata showcases karate techniques. Athletes complete a series of pre-defined movements and are judged on their speed, strength, focus, breathing, balance, and rhythm. Although kata is performed individually, it is still a head-to-head competition; an athlete progresses to the next round by outscoring his/her opponent.


Japan is expected to excel in karate when it plays host to the 2020 Olympics, having earned more world titles and medals than any other country.


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