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Aaron Rodgers wishes U.S. curler Matt Hamilton (and his mustache) good luck

AP Photo/Aaron Favila

Aaron Rodgers wishes U.S. curler Matt Hamilton (and his mustache) good luck

The Green Bay Packers quarterback gave his celebrity twin Matt Hamilton a Olympic level shoutout as the men's curling team begins round-robi...

Besides having an actual sister named Becca, U.S. curler Matt Hamilton has a lot of celebrity twins.

There’s Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid, for one. Also notable is his likeness to Mario, of Super Mario Brothers fame. But his favorite twin? No doubt it’s Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Hamilton, who is a Wisconsinite himself, tweeted Rodgers asking for some Olympic support (throwing in a #GoPackGo), and the Packer talked back(-er), as the NFL player obliged.

On what is apparently #InternetFriendsDay, Rodgers tweeted about how he is pulling for Hamilton – and his mustache. If Hamilton is able to bring a gold back to Wisconsin, just maybe we’ll get a doppelganger photo.

Celebrities around the country have been posting about Team USA via social media like curling supporter Mr. T and figure skating fans Reese Witherspoon and Leslie Jones, so Rodgers is not the first – but he might be the most memorable for Hamilton.

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Hamilton, 28, and his sister Becca, 27, had a disappointing performance in the inaugural mixed doubles event, but both are still fighting for some Olympic hardware in the men’s and women’s events, respectively. Both teams are currently in round-robin play with semifinals beginning on Feb. 22.

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