Since Rio

The sport of weightlifting has undergone major structural change since Rio. Even so, some notable athletes that ascended to the top in 2016 have stayed there ever since.

Who's Qualified from Team USA

Find out which American athletes have navigated a complicated qualification process to represent Team USA on the Tokyo weightlifting platform


Although the sport of weightlifting is built around simple, albeit incredible difficult, actions, the rules surrounding those actions are stringent and complex. Learn about them here.

The Two Lifts

Olympic weightlifting competitions are comprised of two lifts, the snatch and the clean & jerk. Learn about both techniques here.


Learn about the immovable (for most humans) objects that Olympic weightlifters will deal with in Tokyo.


Weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics will take place inside the Tokyo International Forum. Read about the beautiful events center here.

Olympic History

Weightlifting has been contested at the Olympics since the very first modern Games in 1896. Read about the greatest moments from every Olympic competition. 


Learn the terminology of weightlifting at the Olympic Games with this useful glossary.