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Skeleton 101: Equipment

Skeleton 101: Equipment

Learn more about the equipment used in skeleton


Required protective gear for all skeleton athletes. They are not allowed to have attached aerodynamic elements.


The sled rides on runners. The rider places his or her torso on a saddle, and holds onto two handles. There are bumpers for protection on both sides of the sled. 

Skeleton sleds are not allowed to have mechanisms to assist with steering or breaking. 

Skeleton sleds measure three feet in length and 16 inches in width. The weight of the sled alone may not exceed 43kg (95 pounds) for men and 35kg (77 pounds) for women.

Speed suit

Skin-tight uniform that is designed to reduce drag. Short pants and short sleeves are not allowed.


Shoes that provide skeleton athletes with better traction on the ice. They must be arranged in brush form.


Everything you need to know about skeleton at the 2018 Olympics

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