Boxing at the 2020 Tokyo Games will comprise 13 medal events, eight for men and five for women.

The 2012 London Games were the first to include women’s boxing. The five women’s weight classes for Tokyo will be:

  • Flyweight (51kg)
  • Featherweight (57kg)
  • Lightweight (60kg)
  • Welterweight (69kg)
  • Middleweight (75kg)

The men’s weight classes for Tokyo have not been determined.

Olympic bouts for both genders last three rounds, with each round lasting three minutes. Five judges sitting ringside award points to each fighter, primarily for landing punches, and the fighter with the most points after three rounds is declared the winner. While fights can be stopped if one fighter is deemed unfit to continue, but that’s rare at the Olympics.

Within each weight class, a single-elimination tournament determines the medalists. The two semifinal winners meet to determine gold and silver, while the semifinal losers both receive bronze medals.

The United States is the most prolific medal-winning nation, with 114 total. Cuba is second with 73.

Americans of note to win Olympic medals in boxing include:

  • Muhammad Ali — gold, 1960 (as Cassius Clay)
  • Joe Frazier — gold, 1964
  • George Foreman — gold, 1968
  • Leon Spinks — gold in 1976
  • Michael Spinks — gold in 1976
  • Evander Holyfield — bronze, 1984
  • Riddick Bowe — silver, 1988
  • Roy Jones, Jr. — silver, 1988
  • Oscar De La Hoya– gold in 1992
  • Floyd Mayweather — bronze, 1996
  • Claressa Shields — gold, 2012 and 2016


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