Underdogs Slovenia come out on top

The ski jumping program at the 2022 Winter Olympics concluded in an upset performance from the Slovenian athletes. They edged out Norway and Germany to the podium and found it three times in the women’s normal hill, mixed team final and men’s team final. Slovenian stand out star Ursa Bogataj did a complete 180 from her last place finish in the event at 2018 PyeongChang and took gold in Beijing. This was her first gold medal of her career. The Slovenians won the most medals in the 2022 ski jumping program.

Bogataj was not the only woman who made her mark on the take-off table. United States’ Anna Hoffmann made her Olympic debut at the 2022 Olympic games and was the lone woman to compete for Team USA. Ski jumping was introduced in 2014 to the Olympics and Hoffmann continued the Americans' representation for all three games.

Fan favorites coming into the Games were Germany’s Karl Geiger and Norwegians Marius Lindvik and Robert Johansson. Out of the three, Lindvik was the only one who found gold with a huge jump in the large hill individual final round. 

For all the ski jumping action at the 2022 Winter Olympics, scroll down for medal tallies, event summaries, recaps and highlights.

Medal table (M+W)

Rank Country Medal count
1 Slovenia 3
2 Austria 2
3 Japan 2
4 Germany  2
5 Poland 1
6 Norway 1
7 ROC 1

Ski jumping event summary

Women’s normal hill individual final round

Despite a short weather delay in the middle of finals, medals were awarded for the women’s individual normal hill final. Slovenia’s Ursa Bogataj made a 180 during these Games and won gold with an official total combined points of 239.0. At the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, she finished with the lowest score in the same event during. Germany’s Katharina Althaus took silver soaring to a final 236.8 total points. Bogata’s teammate Nika Kriznar, filled out the final spot on the podium by clinching bronze with a total of 232.0 points.

🥇 Ursa Bogataj, SLO,

1st round: 118.2

Final round: 121.0

Total points: 239.0

🥈 Katharine Althaus, GER,

1st round: 121.1

Final round: 115.7

Total points: 236.8

🥉 Nika Kriznar, SLO,

1st round: 113.9

Final round: 118.1

Total points: 232.0

RECAP: Slovenian ski jumper Ursa Bogataj gets her golden run

Men’s normal hill individual final round

Royoyu Kobayashi ended the 50 year drought for Japan and landed a gold medal run in the men’s normal hill final. His jump off the take-off table earned him 275.0 total points and won his first Olympic gold medal. Germany’s first ranked World Cup champion Karl Geiger missed out on the podium with 252.8 total points between the 1st round and final round.

🥇 Ryoyu Kobayashi, JPN,

1st round: 145.4

Final round: 129.6

Total points: 275.0

🥈 Manuel Fettner, AUT, 

1st round: 134.5

Final round: 136.3

Total points: 270.8

🥉 Dawid Kubacki, POL, 

1st round: 133.1

Final round: 132.8

Total points: 265.9

RECAP: Ryoyu Kobayashi ends Japan’s drought in the men’s normal hill

Mixed team final round

Mixed team ski jumping made its entrance to the Winter Games with a consistent flow of huge jumps off the ramp. Solidifying another gold medal for Slovenia, the team of Nika Kriznar, Timi Zajc, Ursa Bogataj and Peter Prevc broke through the 1000 point barrier with a total of 1001.5. This was ROC’s first time on the podium for ski jumping. Canada earned bronze.

🥇 Slovenia, SLO,

1st round: 506.4

Final round: 495.1

Total points: 1001.5

🥈 Russian Olympic Committee, ROC,

1st round: 448.8

Final round: 441.5

Total points: 890.3

🥉 Canada, CAN, 

1st round: 415.4

Final round: 429.2

Total points: 844.6

RECAP: Slovenia smashes through 1000-point barrier in mixed team final

Men’s large hill individual final round

Norway took the top of the podium in the men’s large hill individual competition for the first time since 1964. Marius Lindvik soared to a jump of 140 meters and won gold with a total score of 296.1 points. Ryoyu Kobayashi of Japan ended the 1st round in first, but could not match Lindviks jump in the final and took silver with 292.8 total points.

🥇 Marius Lindvik, NOR, 

1st round: 144.8

Final round: 151.3

Total points: 296.1

🥈 Ryoyu Kobayashi, JPN,

1st round: 147.0

Final round: 145.8

Total points: 292.8

🥉 Karl Geiger, GER, 

1st round: 136.7

Final round: 144.6

Total points: 281.3

RECAP: Lindvik's gold-medal flight in large hill competition resists gravity

Men’s team final round

Manuel Fettner anchored Austria’s team and delivered a huge jump right when they needed it the most to seal gold. He capped the Austrian team’s total points at 942.7. Stefan Kraft, Daniel Huber and Jan Hoerl joined Fettner to steal the lead from Slovenia. Slovenia took second with 934.4 total points when they couldn't match Fettner’s last jump.

🥇 Austria, AUS, 

1st round: 458.4

Final round: 484.3

Total points: 942.7

🥈 Slovenia, SLO,

1st round: 467.4

Final round: 467.0

Total points: 934.4

🥉 Germany, GER

1st round: 446.5

Final round: 476.4

Total points: 922.9

RECAP: Fettner returns Austria's 2006 gold medal magic, anchors team event