On the final day of competition at the 2024 U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team Trials, Simone Biles secured a spot on her third Olympic team. She is just the fourth American woman to make three U.S. Olympic gymnastics teams, and at age 27, she is the oldest women’s gymnast to make an Olympic team in 72 years. 

Biles earned an automatic berth by winning the all-around title at Trials (117.225). 

"I knew I wasn't done after the performances in Tokyo," Biles said. "So just getting back in the gym, and then working hard and just trusting the process with Cecile and Laurent (Landi) - I knew I'd be back." 

Joining Biles in Paris will be three of her Tokyo Olympic teammates: Suni Lee (111.675), Jordan Chiles (111.425) and Jade Carey (111.350). First-year senior Hezly Rivera (111.150) will round out the team in what will be her first trip to the Games. 

With Biles (2016 Olympic all-around champion) and Lee (2020 Tokyo Olympic all-around) both on the team, this also marks the first time in history that an Olympic gymnastics team has included two Olympic all-around champions. 

Coming into the evening, the door was wide open for an athlete who wasn't initially favored to make the Olympic team to step up and seize the moment. In a matter of days the U.S. team lost several top contenders, including six-time world medalist Shilese Jones, who withdrew from the competition after only competing on the uneven bars on night one. Her current injury status is unknown. 

Skye Blakely, 2024 U.S. national all-around silver medalist, pulled out of the competition after injuring her Achilles in the practice session leading up to the competition. Then Tokyo Olympic alternate Kayla DiCello went down on her vault at the start of the competition on night one. It was later revealed to be another Achilles injury. 

See below for rotation-by-rotation results and highlights.

Rotation 5

Tiana Sumanasekera is one of the athletes who suddenly found herself in the conversation for a spot on the team and she made quite the statement with her opening vault. She stuck her Yurchenko double twist for a 14.350. 

Hezly Rivera is another newcomer in the mix. The uneven bars is one of her strengths and she did exactly what she needed to do. After a clean routine with just a step back on the landing, Rivera posts a 14.300, which is two tenths higher than what she scored on night one. 

Joscelyn Roberson gets a very strong start on vault. She posts a 14.500 for her Cheng. 

Jordan Chiles vaults a clean Yurchenko double twist, just a small slide back on the landing (14.500). She follows it up with a well-executed Lopez for her second vault.

Time and time again Jade Carey delivers an excellent Cheng on vault. She gets rewarded with a 14.675. 

Suni Lee is as stellar as always on uneven bars. The Nabieva to Bhardwaj connection was much improved from night one and she got the stick on the landing. The crowd is erupting! 14.875 is the final score. 

Simone Biles almost over rotates her Yurchenko double pike but is able to stay on her feet for a 15.500. 


  1. Simone Biles | 74.400
  2. Suni Lee | 70.900
  3. Jordan Chiles | 70.900
  4. Jade Carey | 70.500
  5. Joscelyn Roberson | 96.975
  6. Hezly Rivera | 69.125
  7. Tiana Sumanasekera | 69.050
  8. Leanne Wong | 68.650
  9. Kaliya Lincoln | 68.325
  10. Evey Lowe | 65.350

Rotation 6

Clean routine for Chiles on uneven bars. She continues to prove she can be reliable on this event, posting a 14.200. 

Leanne Wong is up on the balance beam. Hitting this routine is really important if she wants to keep her Olympic dream alive. Slight balance break on the switch ring leap, but otherwise that was a very solid routine (13.650). 

Jade Carey makes it through the uneven bars. She floated on the Bhardwaj transition from the high bar to the low bar - very nicely done. Impressive fight to not come off the bar on the full pirouette right before the dismount (13.075). 

Biles posts a 14.200 on the uneven bars. 

Rough beam routine for Lee. She comes off on her mount, then moments later she breaks a connection on her leap series. She almost came off on her acrobatic series as well - she grabbed the beam to avoid falling off again. She posts a 12.825 - obviously not an ideal score but shouldn't impact her chances of making the team at this point. 

Rivera looked confident on beam, which is not an easy thing to do considering the amount of pressure she is facing. Hardly a wobble in that routine and a near stuck dismount. Wow! 14.275 is the score.  


  1. Simone Biles | 88.600
  2. Jordan Chiles | 85.100
  3. Suni Lee | 83.725
  4. Jade Carey | 83.575
  5. Hezly Rivera | 83.400
  6. Joscelyn Roberson | 83.000
  7. Leanne Wong | 82.300
  8. Tiana Sumanasekera | 81.875
  9. Kaliya Lincoln | 81.500
  10. Simone Rose | 78.250

Rotation 7

Wong with a good floor routine to open the rotation. A little under rotated on her third tumbling pass, but the rest was solid (13.625). 

Carey with a clean routine on balance beam. This may not be her strongest event of the four, but she certainly is consistent. She looked like she was smiling before she even landed the dismount (13.625). 

If Kaliya Lincoln has a shot at making this Olympic team, it will be for her floor routine. This is a big moment for her. She opens with a full twisting double layout, great body position in the air, just a small hop. Second pass is a flawless double layout. She lands out of bounds on her front full to double tuck, but still a great routine (13.650). 

Biles likely came into this competition looking for redemption on balance beam after a rocky night one but unfortunately comes off on her side aerial. The rest of the routine was as good as she could do it - 13.900. 

Lee opens her floor routine with a stuck full twisting double layout. Just a small hop back on her final two tumbling passes. Strong routine! She posts a 13.850. 

Sumanasekera showcases a stunning beam routine. There was hardly a wobble in that routine. She scores a 13.950 - the same exact score she got on night one. 

Rivera hits a good floor routine - slight hiccup on the last tumbling pass, but she kept it in bounds for a 13.550. 

Roberson keeps her name in the conversation with a huge 14.050 on beam. The selection committee certainly has a difficult decision ahead of them. 

Chiles comes off the beam on her acrobatic series. She fought to save it, but had too much weight leaning to one side of the beam (12.225). 


  1. Simone Biles | 102.500
  2. Suni Lee | 97.575
  3. Jordan Chiles | 97.325
  4. Jade Carey | 97.200
  5. Joscelyn Roberson | 97.050
  6. Hezly Rivera | 96.950
  7. Leanne Wong | 95.925
  8. Tiana Sumanasekera | 95.825
  9. Kaliya Lincoln | 95.150
  10. Evey Lowe | 91.625

Rotation 8

Biles goes big on floor once again! She opened with her signature triple twisting double tuck, which she launches 12 feet in the air. Out of bounds with one foot on the second tumbling pass but finishes strong with her eponymous double layout half out to stag jump - which was as good as she could do it - and a near stuck double layout. Final score is a 14.725. 

Large hop backward for Lee on her Yurchenko double twist to close out her Olympic Trials, but that was one of the better vaults she has done since being diagnosed with kidney disease last year (14.100). 

Sumanasekera closes out her competition with a stunning floor routine (13.725). The tears are flowing after that one! What a competition she has had.

Rivera caps off her evening with a clean Yurchenko double twist - 14.200. She has been undeniable. 

Roberson has been undeniable as well. She's in tears after performing one of the best floor routines she has done in her career. She scores a 13.925 - same score as night one. 

Chiles closes out with another electric floor routine! She goes out of bounds on her second tumbling pass, but otherwise she looked phenomenal (14.100). 

Wong goes for the Cheng on vault and the block off the table looked much better than it did on night one - 14.500! 

Carey closes out the evening in the event where she's an Olympic champion (floor) and she proves why with a 14.150. 


  1. *Simone Biles | 117.225
  2. Suni Lee | 111.675
  3. Jordan Chiles | 111.425
  4. Jade Carey | 111.350
  5. Hezly Rivera | 111.150
  6. Joscelyn Roberson | 110.975
  7. Leanne Wong | 110.425
  8. Tiana Sumanasekera | 109.550
  9. Kaliya Lincoln | 109.400
  10. Simone Rose | 105.200

*Clinched Olympic spot