Air ball: Slang for when a shot misses the basket or backboard entirely

Alley-oop: When one player throws a pass to a player who is in mid-air and dunks the ball into the basket without first landing on the court

And-one: Slang term used when a player scores a basket and is fouled on the play, earning one free throw attempt in addition to the field goal

Bank shot: A shot aimed at the backboard so that it caroms, or "banks," into the basket

Blocked shot: When a defensive player legally deflects an opponent's field-goal attempt

Brick: Slang for a hard, errant shot that bounces wildly off the basket or backboard

Charging: When an offensive player runs into an opponent who has established a stationary defensive position. The offending player's team is charged with a foul.

Charity stripe: A slang term for the free throw line

Check ball: Following any dead ball situation, play shall resume with an exchange of the ball (between a defensive player and an offensive player) behind the arc at the top of the playing court

Clear: After a change in possession, the team that takes over possession must "clear" the ball by dribbling or passing it behind the arc before they can attempt to score a basket

Cut: A quick move by an offensive player, used to create separation from a defender

Cylinder: The rim and the area directly above it

Double dribble: A violation that occurs when a player discontinues his or her dribble and then begins it again. The result is loss of possession.

Double-team: A defensive tactic in which two players guard one

Dunk: Slang term for forcibly putting the basketball through the hoop. Also known as a slam dunk.

FIBA: Federation Internationale de Basketball, or the International Basketball Federation, is international basketball's governing body

Field goal: A basket scored on a shot taken during the normal course of play. Can be a one-point or two-point shot.

Free throw: An uncontested shot from a designated mark on the floor (the free throw line) about 15 feet from the basket. A free-throw attempt is awarded after fouls that occur during a shot attempt, and any foul after that occur once a team exceeds the foul limit in a game. A free throw is worth one point. Also known as a "foul shot."

Give-and-go: An offensive tactic in which a player passes to a teammate, then makes an abrupt cut and receives a return pass

Goaltending: Defensive goaltending occurs when a player blocks an opposing player's shot as it descends toward the basket; in this case, the shot is considered good. An offensive goaltending violation occurs when an offensive player touches the ball while it is on the rim of his team's basket or descending toward the basket.

Hook shot: A one-handed shot taken with a high, sweeping motion. Hook shots are especially difficult to block because the shooter's body shields the defender

Hoops: Slang term for basketball

Hops: Slang term for jumping

Jump ball: When players from opposing teams gain possession of the ball at the same time, also described as a tie-up. In 3x3, possession goes to the team that was on defense.

Key assist: A pass that gives a teammate a positional advantage to directly score a field goal from the restricted area

Layup: A shot taken very close to the basket

Man-to-man defense: A tactic in which each player is solely responsible for guarding one player from the opposing team

Pick: Also known as a "screen," a pick is an offensive tactic in which one player becomes a stationary obstacle for a teammate to use to create space between himself or herself and a defender

Pick-and-roll: An offensive tactic that involves one player picking the defender who is guarding the player with the ball. The player that sets the pick then "rolls" to the basket, sealing off the man he picked in hopes of receiving a pass.

Rebound: To gain control of a missed shot. Rebounds can also be referred to as just "boards."

Shot clock: In 3x3 basketball, each team has 12 seconds to attempt a field goal. The shot clock displays the time remaining, and failure to shoot within 12 seconds results in loss of possession.

Steal: To take the ball away from the offensive team, either off the dribble or by intercepting a pass

Transition: When a team segues from defense to offense or vice versa

Traveling: A violation that occurs when a player moves with the basketball without dribbling. The result is loss of possession.

Turnover: Any play or violation that results in loss of possession

Zone defense: A tactic in which players are responsible for defending areas of the floor instead of individuals