The International Boxing Association (AIBA) has launched an investigation into possible corruption of the 2016 Olympic boxing tournament in Rio. It will be a two-phase investigation primarily focused on the refereeing and judging at the Rio Games, followed by examination of potential past corruption at previous Olympics.

"Boxing was created when rules were introduced to ensure fair fights. Any undermining of those rules is unacceptable. For some time, it has been clear that AIBA could do more in following up on allegations of unfairness. Unfortunately, in order to move to a brighter future, we must now also shine a light on AIBA’s past," AIBA president Umar Kremlev said in a statement.

The AIBA has appointed Richard McLaren of McLaren Global Sport Solution (MGSS) to investigate the 2016 Olympic boxing tournament. McLaren, who in 2016 uncovered the scale of the Russian doping scandal, issued the following statement regarding the investigation:

"Our team will conduct an independent investigation into the questions surrounding corruption or manipulation of sporting results during the Rio Olympic Games, identify the persons responsible and recommend the appropriate course of action."