The Olympic artistic swimming program will take place at the brand-new Tokyo Aquatics Centre, located southeast of the Olympic Village in the Tokyo Bay Zone. The $530 million, 15,000-seat facility will also host the swimming and diving competitions.  

The pool measures 50m by 25m, the standard dimensions of an Olympic competition pool. The depth starts at 3m but can be altered by and adjustable floor. The length of the pool will be reduced to 30 usable meters for artistic swimming.  

Artistic swimming did not exist in the Olympic program in 1964, the first time the Games were held in Tokyo. Then, the swimming competition took place at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. That venue was later converted into a hard-court arena, deeming a new aquatics center necessary for the 2020 Games. The old venue (now known as Yoyogi National Stadium) will host the Olympic handball competition this summer.