Since Rio

It's been a cycle of change for the sport that, at the previous Olympics, was known as "synchronized swimming." Learn who welcomed and who opposed the change. Also see who's back in the artistic swimming pool since Rio.

Who's Qualified from Team USA?

See where the United States artistic swimming team currently stands on its uncertain road to Tokyo.

Rules and Scoring

Artistic swimming routines are judged with incredible detail and thoroughness. Learn what the judges will be looking for in Tokyo.

Competition Format

Brush up on the various divisions and routines you'll see at the Olympic artistic swimming competition in Tokyo.

Body Movements

Flamingos, fish tales, dolphin arches... Artistic swimming can often sound more like marine biology than sport. Learn what each of these body movements are and what they look like.


Artistic swimming is famous for its elaborate costumes, but there's more equipment required for these athletes to compete at their best.


Learn about the Tokyo Aquatics Center, where the artistic swimming program will take place at the Tokyo Olympics


Learn to speak like an artistic swimming expert with this handy glossary.