The entire Australia track & field team has been placed in isolation as a precaution on Thursday, following USA pole vaulter Sam Kendricks' positive COVID-19 test.

Earlier Thursday, the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) released a statement saying, "Members of Australia's track and field team at the Tokyo Olympic Games are isolating in their rooms as a precautionary measure following news of a COVID positive finding with a member of the US track and field team.

"Members of the Australian track and field team are now undergoing testing procedures in line with the Australian Olympic Team protocols," the statement continued.

The decision comes in light of concern surrounding Australia pole vaulter Kurtis Marschall.

Marschall reportedly trained with a group of vaulters that included Kendricks, making him a close contact.

While Marschall's status is still uncertain, Kendricks will not compete in Tokyo.

Argentina pole vaulter German Chiaraviglio will also miss the events in Tokyo following a positive test of his own, but it's currently unconfirmed if the events are related.

Chiaraviglio took to Instagram Thursday to explain the situation, saying he was in and out of isolation from Day 1 and that "se termino Tokyo para mi!" (Tokyo is over for me!)

Pole vault events are schedule to begin Friday moning at 9:40 a.m. in Japan (8:40 p.m. EST Thursday).