How many badminton events are there at the Olympics?

In the Olympic badminton tournament, there are five events: 

  • Women's singles
  • Men's singles
  • Women's doubles
  • Men's doubles
  • Mixed doubles

What is the format for Olympic badminton at the Paris Olympics?

Both individual and team competition matches use a best-of-three format. One loss in Olympic tournament format will result in elimination from the tournament, save for in the semifinals when the two losers will advance to the bronze-medal final.

A game is won when a player reaches 21 points with a two-point advantage. In the event of a 20-20 tie, the players keep playing until one gets a two-point advantage. In the event of a 29-29 tie, the winner of the next point wins the match.

How many games are played in Olympic badminton?

Individual and team competitions use a best-of-three format. Whichever player or team wins two games first is the winner of the match. 

Where will 2024 Olympic badminton be held?

Badminton will be contested at the Porte de La Chapelle Arena, a new multipurpose hall built for the Paris Olympics and Paralympics. The arena was designed as an eco-friendly venue, with recycled and bio-available materials. The stadium is home to the Paris Basketball club of the LNB Pro A Basketball league.