Backcourt: The back third of the badminton court

Bird/Birdie: Another name for the shuttlecock

Carry: An illegal stroke occurring when the shuttle comes to a stop on the racket and is "carried," leading to a sling-like sequence

Center position: Also known as the base position, the central area of the court where ideally a singles player wants to return after each shot

Clear: A shot hit deep in the back of the opponent's court

Cross-court: A shot hit diagonally over the net, from one side to the other

Double hit: Hitting the shuttle twice (a fault)

Drop shot: A soft shot played with touch, so the shuttle falls close to the net on the opponent's side

Drive: A powerful shot placed just over the top of the net

Fault: A violation or infraction of the rules

Flick: A quick movement of the wrist and forearm that changes a soft shot into a harder one; mostly used when serving or close to the net

Forecourt: The front third of the court, between the net and the short-service line

Kill: A hard, downward shot that is not returnable by the opponent

Let: A call by the umpire to restart a point. This occurs when the server serves before the receiver is ready, the shuttle disintegrates during play, an accidental distraction occurs, etc.

Mid-court: The middle third of the court

Push shot: A soft shot executed by "pushing" the shuttle with small wrist movement

Rally: An exchange of shots following the serve

Shuttlecock: The object used in badminton, also called a birdie or shuttle. It is made of a cork with sixteen goose feathers glued to its rounded base.

Smash: A hard, powerful overhead shot sending the shuttlecock downward to the opponent's side