What score is an Olympic badminton game played to?

In both individual and team competitions, each game will be played to 21 points. Should the competitors reach 20-all, the first player to gain a two-point advantage will be the winner. In the event of a 29-29 situation, the next point will win. The winner of two games wins the match.

How are points scored in Olympic badminton?

A point will begin when a server hits the shuttlecock to the diagonally opposite side of the court. The point will end when a player fails to hit the birdie over the net or inside his opponent's side of the court, and the opponent wins the point. 

If the server wins the point, they will retain their serve. If the receiver does so, they will also win the serve.

The side that wins a game will serve first in the next game.   

How is an Olympic badminton match won?

To win an Olympic badminton match, a player or team must win two games.

What is a "golden point" in Olympic badminton?

When the score of a game reaches 29-29, the next point, or the "golden point," will win. 

Does Olympic badminton have referees?

For these Olympic Games, there will be one referee overseeing the entire event. There will be one umpire and one service judge assigned to a match, and each court will have 10 line judges as well.