The United States can qualify up to two teams for both men's and women's beach volleyball. Both women's pairings have been finalized, while the qualification for Team USA's men's beach volleyball teams is still ongoing. 

On the women's side, Kelly Cheng (formerly Claes) and Sara Hughes have qualified for the Olympics as the top duo for Team USA, while they will be joined by Taryn Kloth and Kristen Nuss. Cheng returns to the Games after competing in Tokyo and failing to medal with then-partner Sarah Sponcil. Tokyo Olympic champions April Ross and Alix Klineman are just returning to the tour after becoming mothers last year, and won't be competing in Paris.  

Team USA men's beach volleyball pairings are not yet confirmed, but expected to be finalized upon the world rankings posted after June 10. As of now, three U.S. men's teams are rated in the top-17 spots that would earn quota positions upon the rankings publication. However, as each country can only have a maximum of two teams per gender, all three top male U.S. teams won't qualify for Paris. 

Leading the men's pairings is world ranked No. 3, Andy Benesh and Miles Partain. Tied at No. 14 world ranking are the U.S. teams of Theo Brunner/Trevor Crabb and Miles Evans/Chase Budinger

The pairings set to compete in Paris are as follows:


Kelly Cheng - Sara Hughes
Taryn Kloth - Kristen Nuss

The men's pairings currently in contention for an Olympic spot: 

Men - Top teams 

Andy Benesh - Miles Partain
Theo Brunner - Trevor Crabb
Miles Evans- Chase Budinger