Boxing returns for the 2024 Paris Games. Read on the learn about the different types of equipment that boxers will use during the Olympic tournament.

What uniform do Olympic boxers wear?

Competitors shall box in light boots or shoes (without spikes or heels), socks, shorts (not to exceed knee length), and a vest covering the chest and back. The boxers shall wear either a red or blue singlet, depending on the color of their corner. Where trunks and vests are of the same color, the belt line must be clearly indicated by a contrasting color and by using a 5-10 centimeter wide elastic waistband. (The belt line is an imaginary line from the navel to the top of the hips).

Women have the option of wearing a skirt instead of shorts.

What do Olympic boxers wear for protection?

In women's boxing, headguards are mandatory. The maximum weight of the headguards is approximately one pound. The headgear requirement was eliminated in men's boxing before the 2016 Olympics.

Women are also allowed to wear a breast protector and groin protector if desired, as long as the breast protector does not shield any target area of the body, including the breastbone. For men, a groin protector must be worn and a jock strap is optional. Mouthpieces are mandatory for everyone.

What other equipment is used in Olympic boxing?

All boxers are required to wear gloves, either red or blue depending on the color of their corner. In women's boxing, all gloves weigh 10 oz., while the men use either 10 oz. or 12 oz. gloves depending on their weight class. Boxers must use handwraps underneath to protect their hands and wrists.

Boxers may use kinesiology taping, but it can only be applied from the waist down and to the back of the body.