The Tokyo Games are right around the corner, and boxers are starting to getting prepared to represent the United States in Japan. Much can change between now and the start of the Olympics, but below is a rough lineup of the athletes in position to represent the USA in Tokyo.

Countries qualify quota spots (not individual athletes) to the Olympics. Once a country has earned a quota spot in a certain weight class, it may use its own process to decide which athlete will fill that spot at the Games. Countries are limited to a maximum of one quota place per weight class, but there is no limit on the number of weight classes that a country may qualify a spot in.

Note that the United States has yet to earn any quota spots for the Olympics at this time. However, members of the USA Boxing Olympic Qualification Team are as follows (these boxers are not necessarily guaranteed a trip to Tokyo).


- Anthony Herrera (52kg)
- Bruce Carrington (57kg)
- Charlie Sheehy (63kg)
- Delante Johnson (69kg)
- Joseph Hicks (75kg)
- Rahim Gonzales (81kg)
- Darius Fulghum (91kg)
- Richard Torrez Jr. (91+kg)

Note that Keyshawn Davis was removed from the USA Boxing Olympic Qualification Team in January and made his professional boxing debut in February.


- Virginia Fuchs (51kg)
- Andrea Medina (57kg)
- Rashida Ellis (60kg)
- Oshae Jones (69kg)
- Naomi Graham (75kg)