Breaking will make its highly anticipated debut at the Olympics with the women’s event on August 9 and the men’s event on August 10.  

Where is breaking taking place at the Paris Olympics?

The breaking competitions will take place at La Concorde Urban Park in the heart of Paris. The public square will be temporarily transformed into a venue for multiple sports, and a space to highlight the cultures of Paris. The park will be a hub for the Summer Games, with areas for visitors to enjoy live DJs, sport demonstrations, dining areas and more.

Along with breaking, La Concorde Urban Park will be home to skateboarding, basketball 3x3 and BMX freestyle. 

How big is the stadium?

La Concorde Urban Park will have a total capacity of 25,000 for the Olympics. 

How much will tickets cost?

Tickets for breaking at the Olympics range between 24 to 160 Euros (approximately $26 to $174 USD) at face value.