Which athletes are representing the U.S. in breaking at the Olympics?

As the sport of breaking makes its Olympic debut, four U.S. athletes will represent Team USA at the inaugural competition.

For the Olympic debut, each country can qualify up to four athletes (two men, two women) in breaking. Qualifying concluded in June, and the U.S. will bring a full team of four breakers to Paris.

In the men's event, U.S. star Victor Montalvo qualified last year by winning the breaking world title and thus becoming the first American to ever qualify for breaking at the Olympics. Jeffrey Louis (B-Boy Jeffro) qualified for the Games in June at the Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS) and will join Montalvo in Paris.

In the women’s competition, Sunny Choi (B-Girl Sunny) became the first U.S. woman to qualify for the Olympic Games last year. Logan Edra (B-Girl Logistx), like Louis, qualified via the OQS and is likely to contend for a medal in Paris.