Following his shocking withdrawal from the 2022 World Championships, fans were unsure if Caeleb Dressel would compete again.

But now, he's back and ready to extend his already-prolific career.

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Career highlights

How did Caeleb Dressel do in college?

In his first three seasons at the University of Florida, Caeleb Dressel broke the NCAA 50-yard freestyle record twice, the American and U.S. open 50-yard freestyle record, the NCAA 100-yard freestyle record, the American and US open 100-yard butterfly record and the American and U.S. Open 100-yard freestyle record.

Then, in an explosive senior season, Dressel broke the 50-yard freestyle record for both the NCAA and the American and US Open three times, as well as the American and U.S. Open records in the 100-yard butterfly.

How many times has Caeleb Dressel been in the Olympics?

Caeleb Dressel has competed in two previous Olympic Games: Rio and Tokyo.

How many gold medals does Caeleb Dressel have?

Caeleb Dressel has won gold medals in seven Olympic events, 15 World Championship (long course) events and six World Championship (short course) events.

How many medals did Caeleb Dressel win in Tokyo?

Caeleb Dressel won five gold medals in Tokyo, earning wins in the 4x100m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 50m freestyle and 4x100m medley races.

Who is faster, Phelps or Dressel?

At the FINA World Swimming Championships in 2019, Caeleb Dressel broke Michael Phelps’ record in the 100m butterfly, which Phelps had held for a decade with a time of 49.82 seconds. Dressel swam the race in 49.50 seconds. Then, in Tokyo, he broke it again, stopping the clock at 49.45 seconds.

How old was Caeleb Dressel in his first Olympics?

Caeleb Dressel was 19 years old at his first Olympics in Rio. At the Olympic Qualifiers four years before, he was the youngest male swimmer (15).

How many world records has Caeleb Dressel broken?

In the individual events, Caeleb Dressel holds the world records for the 100m butterfly (long course), the 50m freestyle (short course), 100m butterfly (long course) and 100m individual medley (short course). 

The road to Paris

Is Caeleb Dressel going to Paris 2024?

Caeleb Dressel is a near-guarantee to compete in the 50m freestyle, the 100m freestyle and the 100m butterfly in Paris.

Why did Caeleb Dressel pull out of the world championships?

Overwhelmed by pressure, Caeleb Dressel pulled out of the 2022 World Championships midway through the tournament in the interest of rehabilitating his mental health.

Is Caeleb Dressel retired?

No, Caeleb Dressel is not retired. After a brief hiatus from the sport, Dressel is preparing to compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics.