One of Canada's top showjumpers will not be participating in the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

Eric Lamaze, who won bronze in Rio and a gold and silver in Beijing, opted out of contention to represent Canada at the Games, citing the world's current health crisis as a major deciding factor.

"My health is something that I take very seriously, and I’ve decided that Tokyo is not the best venue for me," Lamaze said in a statement.

"While my health is stable at the moment, there are several risk factors that have to be taken into consideration."

Lamaze, 53, has been battling a brain tumor for the past three years. Combined with the ongoing COVID-19 issues ravaging Japan and Canada's lack of a showjumping team, the benefits of traveling to Tokyo for the Games are minimal for Lamaze.

The Canadian showjumpers currently shortlisted to compete at the Olympics are Erynn Ballard, Mario Deslauriers, Tiffany Foster and Amy Millar.