When to watch canoe sprint during the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games

Canoe sprint events will take place between Friday, September 6 and Sunday, September 8 in the commune of Vaires-sur-Marne, just east of Paris, now home to the French Rowing and Canoe-Kayak Federation’s new Nautical Stadium.

Unlike the Olympic Games which also feature whitewater slalom events, the Paralympics canoe program consists solely of flatwater sprints. Two types of boat are raced — kayaks and outrigger canoes.  Outrigger canoes are known as “va’a” which is the Samoan and Hawaiian word for boat or canoe.

A single-blade paddle is used in outrigger canoe races (VL) while double-bladed paddles are what an athlete wields in kayak races (KL).

A complete list of the competition classes as defined by the Paralympic system of classification can be found below.

Canoe Classifications
KL1, VL1 Athletes with no or very limited trunk function and no function in the legs.
KL2, VL2 Athletes with partial leg and trunk function, able to sit up straight in the kayak but may require a high-backed seat.
KL3, VL3 Athletes with full function of their trunk and partial function in the legs, able to sit with the trunk bent forwards in the kayak and use at least one leg.


The Vaires-sur-Marne Nautical Stadium will host canoe competitions during the 2024 Paris Paralympics. Opened in 2019, the Nautical Stadium was the first new Olympic facility to be completed in preparation for Paris 2024.

Vaires-sur-Marne Nautical Stadium
Paris 2024


  • KL1 (women’s, men’s)
  • KL2 (women’s, men’s)
  • KL3 (women’s, men’s)
  • VL2 (women’s, men’s)
  • VL3 (women’s, men’s)
Canoe at the 2024 Paris Paralympics
Date Event Time (ET)
September 6 TBA 4a-6:15a
September 7 TBA 4a-7:15a
September 8 TBA 4a-7:15a