Chloe Kim loves snacks — churros, breakfast sandwiches, ice cream, you name it. 

Even after winning a historic gold medal, she was looking for food. At a press conference after defending her halfpipe championship, Kim sheepishly asked reporters in the room if anybody had any snacks in their pockets.

Multiple reporters delivered within seconds, handing Kim some bars.

“It’s not a hurry, just thank you,” Kim said.

When asked if she wanted to eat before answering questions, Kim said it was fine, but she did offer Japan's Sena Tomita, who was sitting next to her, one of the snacks. 

Kim easily claimed her second consecutive gold in the halfpipe, becoming the first woman to do so.

The 21-year-old famously tweeted about her constant need for snacks at the 2018 Winter Olympics, complaining about being “hangry” and recommending that people eat churros if they get nervous.

Now, Olympics organizers know to have an array of snacks ready at any future Kim press conference.