When to watch cycling during the 2024 Paris Olympics

The two-wheeler contingent brings a variety of athletes to the 2024 Paris Olympics. Five disciplines will see action at the Games between Saturday, July 27 and the final day of competition on Sunday, August 11.

Cycling Events
Road Cycling
Men's Road Race
Women's Road Race
Men's Time Trial
Women's Time Trial

Mountain Bike
Men's Event
Women's Event

BMX Freestyle
Men's Park
Women's Park

BMX Racing
Men's Event
Women's Event
Track Cycling
Men's Team Sprint
Women's Team Sprint
Men's Sprint
Women's Sprint
Men's Keirin
Women's Keirin
Men's Team Pursuit
Women's Team Pursuit
Men's Omnium
Women's Omnium
Men's Madison
Women's Madison


The cycling-spoiled fans of France get even more in 2024, with races and competitions being held inside and outside of the Paris city limits. Road cycling will stay close to the city center and the famed Pont d’Iéna bridge. So too will BMX freestyle competitions, which will share a space with skateboarding, 3x3 basketball and breaking athletes at the La Concorde Urban Park.

Elancourt Hill,  the highest point in the Paris Region, will host both men’s and women’s cross-country mountain bike events. 

Racers chasing speed within the smallest confines will compete in adjacent venues in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines – track cyclists in the National Velodrome and BMX racers on their own fully-covered, open-air stadium course.

Rendering of the 2024 Paris Olympics velodrome
Paris 2024
Rendering of BMX race course for 2024 Paris Olympics
Paris 2024
Cycling at the 2024 Paris Olympics
Date Sport Event Time (ET)
July 27 Road Cycling Men's Time Trial
Women's Time Trial
July 28 Mountain Bike Women's Cross-Country 8a-10:30a
July 29 Mountain Bike Men's Cross-Country 8a-10:30a
July 30 BMX Freestyle Women's Qualification
Men's Qualification
July 31 BMX Freestyle Women's Final
Men's Final
August 1 BMX Racing Men's Quarterfinals
Women's Quarterfinals
Men's Last Chance Run
Women's Last Chance Run
August 2 BMX Racing Men's Semifinals
Women's Semifinals
Men's Final
Women's Final
August 3 Road Cycling Men's Road Race 5a-12:15p
August 4 Road Cycling Women's Road Race 8a-12:45p
August 5 Track Cycling Women's Team Sprint Qualifying
Men's Team Pursuit Qualifying
Women's Team Sprint First Round
Men's Team Sprint Qualifying
Women's Team Sprint Finals
August 6 Track Cycling Women's Team Pursuit Qualifying
Men's Team Sprint First Round
Men's Team Pursuit First Round
Men's Team Sprint Finals
August 7 Track Cycling Men's Sprint Qualifying
Women's Keirin First Round
Women's Team Pursuit First Round
Men's Sprint 1/32 Finals
Women's Keirin Repechages
Men's Sprint 1/32 Finals Repechages
Track Cycling Men's Sprint 1/16 Finals
Men's Team Pursuit Finals
Men's Sprint 1/16 Finals Repechages
Women's Team Pursuit Finals
Men's Sprint 1/8 Finals
Men's Sprint 1/8 Finals Repechages
August 8 Track Cycling Men's Omnium Scratch Race 1/4
Women's Keirin Quarterfinals
Men's Omnium Tempo Race 2/4
Men's Sprint Quarterfinals
Women's Keirin Semifinals
Men's Omnium Elimination Race 3/4
Women's Keirin Finals
Men's Omnium Points Race 4/4
Men's Sprint Race for 5th-8th Places
August 9 Track Cycling Women's Sprint Qualifying
Men's Sprint Semifinals
Women's Sprint 1/32 Finals
Women's Sprint 1/32 Finals Repechages
Track Cycling Women's Madison Final
Women's Sprint 1/16 Finals
Men's Sprint Final
Women's Sprint 1/16 Finals Repechages
August 10 Track Cycling Women's Sprint 1/8 Finals
Men's Keirin First Round
Women's Sprint 1/8 Finals Repechages
Men's Madison Final
Women's Sprint Quarterfinals
Men's Keirin Repechages
August 11 Track Cycling Women's Omnium Scratch Race 1/4
Women's Sprint Semifinals
Men's Keirin Quarterfinals
Women's Omnium Tempo Race 2/4
Women's Sprint Semifinals - Decider
Women's Sprint Race for 5th-8th Places
Men's Keirin Semifinals
Women's Omnium Elimination Race 3/4
Men's Keirin Finals
Women's Sprint Finals
Women's Omnium Points Race 4/4

Cycling 101

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